Virtual Training

Cindy Lai Fitness Virtual Training Program is an exciting new addition to Cindy Lai Fitness! When you join the virtual training program, you get access to exclusive virtual training through  Cindy Lai will be with you every step of the way, helping you reach your fitness goals.

New Member Special

  • 30-minute live Skype session to discuss fitness goals and needs
  • 30-day fitness training plan, tailored to your individual goals and fitness level
  • 15 minute phone check-in for four weeks for weekly progress and feedback
  • Access to a secure online members area with your exclusive training plans and other information from Cindy Lai
  • Nutrition guidance to help keep you on track
  • Add more virtual training sessions and fitness plans at any time through your member portal

Joining the Cindy Lai Fitness Virtual Training Program is like having Cindy Lai with you every minute of the day. With the new program  you can…

  • Get a workout program that is created exclusively for your body type and fitness goals
  • Stay motivated
  • Reach your goals faster

Join today and pay only $149 for this exclusive new member intro package.

Join now for $149