Don’t forget to breathe


Catching our breath seems so simple yet it’s very challenging for many people.  Our lives are so busy these days that we’re trying to accomplish a million things at once, sometimes even double booking our schedules from day until night. We’re so inundated by technology that we can’t seem to pry ourselves away from social media in fear of missing out.  Sleep may be compromised because we have too much on our minds and are already thinking ahead about the next day.  Sound familiar?

This is especially the case when living in a big city like New York. We’re constantly on the go and sometimes it’s hard to stop.  It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and run yourself into the ground.  I’ve seen it happen all too frequently with my clients as I work in helping them find a healthy balance.  I remind them to come up for air all the time no matter how busy they are throughout the day.

Even a few minutes in closing your eyes and zoning out can do wonders for your mind.  It’s not easy though and it takes a lot of practice and willpower to take that step back.  I know because it’s something I’m still working on whether through self or guided meditation and yoga.  Focusing on the breath is key as you inhale all that’s around you and exhale out all the stress that’s consuming you.

Try it today and empty your mind for a few minutes. Forget your iphones and facebook.  Walk away from your desk as you come up for air.  Step away from your environment and go outside if possible to interrupt that craziness you’ve been dealing with all morning. Feel the sunshine on your face as you continue to breathe and empty your thoughts. Let everything be for a moment and be content in that moment of peacefulness.  Don’t think about anything else except your breath.  Everything’s going to be ok.

Happy Monday and please don’t forget to breathe!

Cindy Lai Fitness


Health & Wellness Coach


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