Surf Fit

Increase Endurance, Mobility & Strength to Train like a Surfer!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer Cindy Lai will teach you to:

* Strengthen back and shoulders
* Build 3-dimensional core strength
* Improve Posture and Prevent Injury
* Increase overall mobility
* Learn fitness techniques on land to prepare you for surfing

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, what you’ll learn will help you improve your fitness level and performance in other activities!

Grab a surfboard at Breakwater Surf Co. with an exclusive discount, and get ready to surf!

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When & Where

Classes will be held at 8:15 am Saturdays on Rockaway Beach 67th Street, NY beginning June 24th, 2017.  We meet at 6:30am on the platform at 14th street and 8th avenue to take the “A” train together.  Please wait in the front of the platform where the first subway car is. Or you can meet us 8am at Breakwater Surf Co. located at 67-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd, New York, NY 11692. Sunday classes added if necessary.

More About the Classes

If you’ve always wanted to surf, here’s your chance to learn! After we get suited up at Breakwater Surf Co., we’ll take the boards down the beach as part of our warmup. The first part of class will be 15-20 minutes and will include a proper warmup, strength & conditioning exercises and mobility movements along with surf instruction.  Get ready to have some fun before we hit those waves! You’ll have approximately one hour to take your skills into the water or you can choose to rent the board afterwards. Take advantage of this exclusive offer from Breakwater – first hour is complimentary. Wetsuits and booties will be provided along with the boards. Classes will be running all summer up until 8/26. Don’t miss out!

Classes are $15/class which includes the 1-hour free board rental. There will be a 10% discount off any item at the Breakwater Surf Shop the same day.

Cindy, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, surfs regularly throughout the year and knows what it takes to train for this challenging activity. Nothing can take the place of years of practice and learning the ocean, but she will help you improve specific elements from a fitness standpoint to get you Surf Fit. Her mission is to help you get into shape not only for the sport but also for life! Summer time is the perfect time for beginners, but everyone can benefit. Network with like minded individuals to play on both land and sea in this awesome beach day adventure. Instead of just sitting around on the beach, come escape with us to have fun and catch some Vitamin Sunshine. Bring Friends! Classes are first come first serve. Everyone is welcome.

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