Why Kettlebells are effective


Kettlebell training is a multi-functional, versatile and practical method of exercise suitable for everyone from the sedentary individual to the elite athlete.  Any time you’ve had to pick up groceries, move heavy boxes, carry a child, take your luggage off the carousel or walk the dog, you’re basically working with a moving weight which does not stay still in motion.

Kettlebells are designed with a displaced center of gravity.  This means that you need to work harder to recruit your stabilizer muscles (ie, back and core muscles).  You can also work targeted muscles through a wider range of motion which dumbbells and barbells lack. Kettlebells strengthens joints, tendons, and ligaments. It improves posture and is very helpful in rehabilitating shoulders, knees and back pain through mobility and strength movements.

There are so many benefits with this type of functional training. Think of it as “one-stop shopping.”  Strength, cardio, balance, agility, coordination, mobility, and alignment are all addressed when using these cast iron weights.  Since you are working harder to recruit more muscles, you will increase fat burning by revving up your metabolism and building a lean physique over time. When done correctly, exercises such as kettlebell swings, turkish getups, renegade rows, etc. can help you strengthen your body collectively from head to toe.

The best thing is, you don’t need a gym and kettlebells are compact and cost effective.  When you’re short for time, this training is a great way to get an efficient and quick workout with maximum results.  It’s important to learn the right techniques from a certified instructor and not a youtube video in order to prevent injuries.  Kettlebell training is a skill which takes time to learn. The most effective exercises are not meant to operate in the same manner as conventional weight training.  Do your research and find a qualified instructor. Most of all, have fun! You may never look at fitness the same again.

If you need futher assistance, I also do online personal training sessions as well as my weekly outdoor Kettlebell Boot camp in the west village Saturday mornings at 10a.


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